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    Welcome to Ming Lee Tool-Steel (HK) Limited
    Distribution of High Quality Steel
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    Company Profile

           Ming Lee Tool-Steel was originally established as a sole proprietorship in 1940, and incorporated in Hong Kong in the year 1989. We are the distributor of high quality mould steel, machinery steel, copper alloy and EDM cooper.


    To provide a full range of services to our customers, we set up our mould base factory in 1980 manufacturing high precision tooling plates; mould bases.  To enlarge our production capacity, we established a new factory in China in the year 1995 -- Dongguan Minglee Steel Mould Products Co., Ltd. distributing tool steel to China customers and manufacture mould bases; mould components.  Our factory successfully obtained the ISO accreditation for the operational systems on mould bases and mould components.  With product quality standard and our effort of engineering team, our mould bases exported to countries of Asia, Australia, Europe and in North America. 


    The mould base projects that we can handle up to 32tons per work piece.  Axis stroke up to 6250x2900x1400mm.  Deep hole drilling capacity up to 1.5 meter in depth.  We equipped with CMM for detecting the accuracy of tools and laser measuring system for monitoring the positioning accuracy of machinery.


    Our special mould bases including bumper mould; automotive cast products and parts; TV cabinet; washing machine; air conditioner; computer cabinet; toys / machining plates; large components etc., which had been sold to both domestic and worldwide market.